LIQUID UHT camel milk 235 ml



LIQUID UHT camel milk 235 ml

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Liquid Cameliane has a naturally tasty taste which is preserved thanks to a UHT treatment, its slightly salty taste characterizes whole camel milk, it remains smooth and very digestible, its effectiveness is quite remarkable.

Cameliane helps you:

– Rebalance your body in depth

– Regenerate your entire digestive sphere

– Stimulate and strengthen your immune system

Cameliane is used:

-in a 24-day maintenance cure that can be renewed at each change of season: the content of the can is 235 ml, it is recommended to drink it in two days

-in occasional cure during a difficult period: antibiotic therapy, vaccination, overwork, chemotherapy, intense sport, convalescence, seasonal allergies,…

-in prolonged cure to accompany a particular therapy: diabetes, Crohn’s disease, autism, multiple sclerosis,…

Of course you will take care to halve the doses for children over two years old. Cameliane is not studied for infants under 12 months of age.

Cameliane is a 100% natural product, it is not a medicine but a very noble food, so you can adjust the amount to consume and its concentration to your liking.


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Ingredients: Camel milk.

Protect from light at less than 25 ° C.

Consumption advice: drink the can in two days to enjoy its benefits, it is possible to heat the milk moderately and mix it with other foods.

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