Camel Idée Discovery


Camel Idée Discovery/strong>

Box containing :

-10 sachets of camel milk powder of 10 g. each

2 Camel milk soaps:

1 Camel milk soaps extra soft

1 Camel milk soaps Nature e

2 cans of 235 Ml each of liquid camel milk

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Camel Idée Discovery

Box containing :
-10 sachets of camel milk powder of 10 g. each

-2 Camel milk soaps:

1 Extra-Gentle camel milk soap
1 Nature camel milk soap
2 Cans of 235 Ml each of liquid camel milk

Camel milk powder 10g .

Cameliane is also nomadic! In 10 g sachets, it is easy to transport it for consumption elsewhere than at home. Its conservation is even better guaranteed with a perfect seal and the doses are all identical.

It is best to keep it at a temperature below 25 ° C.

Cameliane has a naturally savory taste which is preserved through freeze-drying, its texture is creamy due to its concentration, Cameliane melts in the mouth and its effectiveness is quite remarkable.

Ingrédients : Camel milk.

Keep closed in a dry place .
Dosage advice: 1 sachet (10g) per day diluted in a glass of water or in a preparation to your liking.

Camel milk soaps

Extra-Gentle Camel Milk Soap

Enriched with organic black seed oil and organic honey from our Provencal canton, to take care of the most sensitive skin.
From young children to seniors, its versatility is exceptional.

Black seed oil is beneficial for the skin, especially for reducing inflammatory problems caused by stress, pollution, disease or aging.
Honey moisturizes the skin thanks to its high sugar content which fixes water molecules, it is anti-irritant .

It also benefits from a slight over-fatness with organic olive oil from our Provencal village of Belgentier

Nature camel milk soap

Slightly over-fatty with organic olive oil from our Provencal village of Belgentier.

Think as natural as possible in order to benefit optimally from the benefits of camel milk.

It is suitable for all skin types.

Lait de chamelle liquide

Cameliane liquid has a naturally tasty taste which is preserved thanks to a UHT treatment, its slightly salty taste characterizes whole camel milk, it remains smooth and very digestible, its effectiveness is quite remarkable.
Cameliane helps you to:

This kit includes a camel milk shaving soap (80g) + i metal box

- Rebalance your body in depth
- Regenerate your entire digestive sphere

- Stimulate and strengthen your immune defenses
Cameliane can be used  :

-as a 24-day maintenance cure that can be renewed at each change of season: the content of the can is 235 ml, it is recommended to drink it in two days

-in occasional cure  during a difficult period: antibiotic therapy, vaccination, overwork, chemotherapy, intense sport, convalescence, seasonal allergies, etc.

-en cure prolongée pour accompagner une thérapie particulière : diabète, maladie de Crohn, autisme, sclérose en plaques,…
Of course you will take care to halve the doses for children over two years old. Cameliane is not studied for infants under 12 months of age .

Cameliane is a 100% natural product, it is not a medicine but a very noble food, so you can adjust the amount to consume and its concentration to your liking.


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