How to consume

camel milk

How to consume it

Camel milk, which contains many nutrients, contains a lot of water.

Once dehydrated, the powder obtained is a very rich and concentrated product.

Its drying at low temperature retains its nutritional qualities very well, its rehydration restores a product very close to the origin.

Camel milk powder can be consumed in various ways, choose the one that suits you, taking care not to heat it too much.

To reconstitute milk, the correct proportions are one dose of powder for nine doses of water. With less water, you will get a more concentrated product that looks like a cream that you can add to your favorite dish, a bit like a crème fraîche.

It is also possible to dilute camel milk powder directly in another liquid: vegetable drink, smoothie, yogurt, puree, …

The important thing is to consume the dose of powder that suits you daily, remember that this noble product is concentrated, so no need to overload your body, prefer the duration of consumption rather than the quantity per dose.

Feel free to take some recipe ideas from our BLOG, and share your own creations below for everyone to enjoy. enjoy 🙂

Good tasting, camel milk is good, and it’s also good!


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