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frequently asked questions about camel milk camel-idee 2
frequently asked questions about camel milk camel-idee 2
frequently asked questions about camel milk camel-idee 2
frequently asked questions about camel milk camel-idee 2
frequently asked questions about camel milk camel-idee 2
frequently asked questions about camel milk camel-idee 2


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If when you were younger you went to buy your cow’s milk every day on the farm, you have therefore seen the differences in colors and tastes of the milk according to the seasons.

Like all natural milks, the camel milk camel-ide e evolves, it changes taste and color according to the seasons because quite simply, the diet of camels varies according to the seasons, and therefore the taste and the color of camel milk may change.

The camel milk may be stronger in taste, with slightly salty sensations, or / and sweet, always pleasant to drink, and for the color, sometimes of a bright white to a more yellow milk.

But not only!


is constantly on the lookout for the best qualities of lait de chamelle.

always natural milks, with the best nutritional benefits The camel milk market is evolving and with it the farms and freeze-drying techniques now make it possible to maintain the total nutritional intake, as a result, the color evolves from an “off-white” to a more yellow white, and the taste freeze-dried natural milk is now almost identical to the taste of fresh camel! Thanks to this development, consumers are the primary beneficiaries. Consumers will also feel this development, their immune system will be even more efficient, just as it will contribute even more to good general health.

Is camel milk used like cow's milk?

Camel milk is above all a food supplement, however it can be used in preparations culinary, like breakfast with cocoa …

How to consume powdered camel milk?

Camel milk, which contains many nutrients, contains a lot of water.

Once dehydrated, the powder obtained is a very rich and concentrated product.

Its drying at low temperature retains its nutritional qualities very well, its rehydration restores a product very close to the origin.

Camel milk powder can be consumed in various ways, choose the one that suits you, taking care not to heat it too much.

To reconstitute milk, the correct proportions are one dose of powder for nine doses of water. With less water, you will get a more concentrated product that looks like a cream that you can add to your favorite dish, a bit like a crème fraîche.

It is also possible to dilute camel milk powder directly in another liquid: vegetable drink, smoothie, yogurt, puree,…

The important thing is to consume the dose of powder that suits you daily, remember that this noble product is concentrated, so no need to overload your body, prefer the duration of consumption rather than the quantity per dose.

Feel free to take some recipe ideas from our BLOG, and share your own creations below for everyone to enjoy. take advantage

Good tasting, camel milk is good, and it’s also good!

At what age can you drink camel milk?

It can be consumed at all ages, it is the closest to breast milk.

Is camel milk pasteurized?

Yes, our camel milk is pasteurized.

This gentle pasteurization (72 ° C for 15 seconds) only slightly affects its qualities because its heat resistance reaches 86 ° C

Why is camel milk more expensive than cow's milk?

The cost of producing camel milk is higher than that of camel milk. cow because the camel produces 4 times less milk than a cow. It only produces one year out of two because gestation is very long (406 days) and the presence of the camel is essential for milking. Milk production must be shared with the camel for one year, the lactation duration varies between 8 and 18 months and seems to depend on a few practices, in particular the frequency of milking or feeding. The presence of the young at the udder is an important element in initiating the descent of milk and maintaining the mother’s milk production activity.

What becomes of the baby camel?
The camel can only be milked in the presence of her camel, otherwise, she cuts her milk. The young adults are placed on other farms, to be used to develop other dairy and recreational farms.

Is camel milk really effective against diabetes?

The benefits of camel milk for diabetics are now scientifically proven. View studies here

Why drink camel milk?

Camel milk is full of natural benefits and has far greater health benefits than other types of milk . It is low in lactose and cholesterol while being high in protein. On top of that , it does not contain the allergenic proteins of cow’s milk and it is very rich in proteins useful for strengthening immunity.

Sensitive skin, can I use your camel milk soap?
Powdered milk and liquid milk which is better for your health?
There is indeed a difference between powdered milk and liquid milk. You should know that camel milk is resistant up to 86 ° C. Whether it is powdered milk or liquid milk, before processing, camel milk must undergo a so-called “soft” pasteurization 72 ° C for 15 seconds. The liquid milk then undergoes a passage at high temperature and consequently loses only part of the vitamin C. The powdered milk undergoes a gentle drying in order to dehydrate it, this method allows an extremely minimal loss of proteins. For its marketing, camel milk must be flash pasteurized: 72 ° C for 15 seconds. Its proteins resist well up to 86 ° C, so this treatment does not affect it very much. The powder is obtained using moderate heating and therefore is a very good product. Long-life liquid milk is heated to 135 ° C (UHT) for a few seconds, some molecules and vitamins are therefore altered, but it remains a good product. In conclusion, powdered camel milk will therefore be better for your health.