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Scientific studies on

camel milk various 

Milk camel a godsend for humanity

Camel's milk: a boon for humanity

Review of the production of camel milk in Ethiopia

Review of the production, quality and use of camel milk in Ethiopia

Benefits and and healing properties of camel milk


Production and characteristics of camel milk

Camel milk production and characteristics

Large camelid farms < br />

large camelid breeding

Artificial breastfeeding of camels

Artificial suckling of camels

Camel breeding productivity

Productivity of camel breeding in the rangelands

Camel milk a natural adjuvant

Camel milk: an important natural adjuvant

production from camel milk

Opportunities for the production of dairy products from camel milk

Effects of pasteurization of camel milk

Effect of pasteurization of raw camel milk and storage temperature on the chemical composition of fermented camel milk

Saudi Arabia , seasonal variation of camel milk

Seasonal and physiological variation in the raw composition of camel milk in Saudi Arabia

Milk camel and its health claims

Camel milk and its related health claims: a review

Study of camel milk coagulation

Study of camel milk coagulation: use of gastric extracts from camels at different ages

Chad Niger Camel milk, cow’s milk

Camel milk, cow's milk: production, qualities and uses among the Toubou (Chad, Niger

Milk camel for Africa study


The chain camel milk, Ouargla

The camel milk sector, another alternative to the polyfunctionality of the dromedary: the case of the Ouargla region

The point on hygiene in the dairy sector in Mali

Update on hygiene in the dairy sector in Mali

Technology of cheese making Mauritania

Application of a cheese making technology from raw camel milk in Mauritania

Live between drought and flood: Camel’s milk

Living between drought and flood Camel milk drives away famine

Le lait de chamelle peut-il devenir une alternative

Can camel milk become an alternative to cow's milk?

Settings for transform camel milk into cheese

Some parameters for transforming camel milk into cheese

Impact du sevrage précoce sur les constituants..

Impact of early weaning on the constituents and nutritional values of camel milk in a modern system

Manuel d’utilisation de la technologie pour Contrôle..

Technology User Manual for Quality Control of Camel Milk Parameter during Transport to Market

Le lait de chamelle: source de protéines / yaourt

Camel milk: as a new source of protein to be used in the production of yogurt

Identification and probiotic potential of bacteria

Identification and probiotic potential of lactic acid bacteria in camel milk

Milk camel strain effective against Covid-19?

Le lait de chamelle est-il efficace contre la Covid-19 Camel-idee Camel milk

Milk camel effective against asthma?

Could camel milk be effective against asthma

Milk camel: a godsend for humanity?

Camel milk: a boon for humanity

Milk of camel and its allegations

Camel milk and its claims jpg

Milk of camel and its allegations

Recent Advances in Camel Milk Processing

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