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You have a real interest in natural products, you are convinced by the benefits of camel milk and wish to participate in its development.

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independent commercial

1) you are an independent commercial

-You are a multi-card salesperson and already offer natural products bringing real benefits to consumers, food supplements, cosmetics …


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2) Join our affiliate program.

We offer natural products, which you cannot find everywhere, which provide the customer with real solutions.

A dynamic site with new content every day.

We offer you a commission on all sales, and your links are valid for 60 days!

We provide you with a personal space that allows you to follow in real time, visits, orders, your conversion rates and you can request payment at any time.



What should your profile be?

Having a website is not an obligation if you have a blog or are active on social networks in the fields of health, well-being or / and natural products, a youtube channel or even created for the opportunity, sites, blogs, social networks.

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