Camel milk cake and olives

Camel milk cake and olives

Camel milk and olive cake

Camel milk and olive cake


Camel milk and olive cake

  • 1 round ass
  • 1 Cutting board
  • 1 pan
  • 1 Slicer
  • 1 Sieve
  • 1 Whisk
  • 1 Cake mold
  • Greaseproof paper
  • 160 g. Flour
  • 3 Pieces Eggs
  • 12 Cl. Liquid camel milk
  • 10 Cl. Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 Sachet Baking powder
  • 150 g. Pitted olives
  • 1 Piece Red pepper
  • 1 g. Saffron powder
  • 2-3 Pinches Salt and freshly ground pepper
  1. Wash and seed the pepper

  2. Cut the pepper into small regular cubes

  3. Put the pan on high heat and add 5 cl of olive oil

  4. Add the diced peppers, brown them, remove from the heat and set aside

  5. Sift the flour into the bowl

  6. Add the yeast and mix

  7. Make a well and add the eggs then mix

  8. Add the camel milk, olive oil, powdered saffron, salt and powdered pepper

  9. Add the olives and peppers then mix

  10. Place the baking paper at the bottom and on the sides of the cake mold

  11. Add the appliance to the cake tin

  12. Put the oven at 180 ° C and put the cake in the oven

  13. Cook for 40 minutes

  14. To be enjoyed hot or cold




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Camel milk for delicate skin, silky and shiny hair

Camel milk for delicate skin, silky and shiny hair

Camel milk for delicate skin, silky and shiny hair

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Do you sometimes envy beautiful women whose skin looks healthy and shiny? The creamy texture of camel milk can nourish your skin. Now, camel milk takes care of the beauty of any woman!

Are you sighing heavily? when do you see yourself in the mirror? Are you tired of modifying your selfies by hiding fine lines – is it hurting your soul? If so, then free yourself from the ordeal, you truly are a dazzling woman! Being beautiful is every woman’s prerogative, but poor hair or skin, combined with being overweight, can be life threatening.

Now you will be very surprised to know all the benefits of camel milk that can improve your overall health and well-being.

The magical properties of camel milk to enhance natural beauty.

Are you fed up with beauty products and products that only promise to make you beautiful and happy? Now you can experience all the natural power of nature on your own and get the beautiful skin and silky hair you’ve been dreaming of! Here are some points on how camel milk affects your beauty and health:

1. Weight loss

When it comes to healthy beauty, weight loss is the main topic for most women. Staying in shape adds positive and confident feelings to your life and helps you look better.

Are you constantly bored with the thought of putting on extra pounds? Now you can say goodbye to those thoughts and extra pounds by drinking just one glass of camel milk a day. Are you wondering how camel milk contributes to weight loss? We will tell you:

Camel milk contains only 50% of the fat found in regular milk, making it a great choice for weight loss;

The unsaturated fats found in camel milk are healthy fats that lower cholesterol levels, which in turn affects the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system;

Do you experience muscle pain after every workout? A glass of this wonderful drink will meet your calcium needs and strengthen your body;

Camel milk has a composition very similar to breast milk, takes care of your intestines, relieves bloating;

A cool and refreshing glass of camel milk will give you energy and help you focus on your fitness routine with renewed vigor.

2. Delicate velvet skin

Are you tired of dry skin? If so, the nutritional benefits of camel milk will help you have supple and smooth skin. You are probably wondering how camel milk can help you in this area? Here’s what we can share with you:

Every drop of camel milk is loaded with beneficial nutrients in the form of lanolin, which has a soothing effect on your skin. You can drink camel milk or use camel milk soap – the result won’t be long in coming!

Filled with carotene and vitamins, camel milk will soften the skin and prevent dryness;

Camel milk is a natural source of amino acids that will keep your skin soft and supple;

Camel milk is packed with vitamins and nutrients essential for health that make it soft and smooth to the touch. With a natural elixir – camel milk – you can quickly and easily achieve your goal of healthy beauty!

3. Camel milk to preserve youth

Age is just a number and camel milk will make you believe it! Camel milk contains nutrients such as collagen, elastin, B vitamins and vitamin C which help fight the signs of aging

Camel milk prevents inflammation

Camel milk prevents inflammation

Camel milk prevents inflammation


Camel milk contains lipids which can inhibit inflammation. The results of the corresponding study are published in the journal Functional Foods in Health and Disease .

The product has a positive effect on inflammation caused by glycated proteins, which are toxic compounds caused by sugar. They damage tissue and play a major role in the development of diabetes and heart disease.

According to the researchers, the lipids in camel milk can inhibit inflammation by reducing the expression of certain pro-inflammatory molecules.

As an immune response, inflammation is triggered when damaged cells release chemicals that cause damage or infection. Under normal conditions, the inflammatory process is even beneficial and goes away on its own. But if the process is delayed, damage to cells and DNA can occur, which will lead to serious illnesses, for example, cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Scientific interest in camel milk has increased due to reports of its anti-diabetic properties. The drink contains lipids and proteins, including immunoglobulins (antibodies) and vesicles (liquid enclosed in a lipid membrane), as well as various nutrients. Experts have found out whether the lipids in camel milk can affect inflammation, which is common in people with diabetes.

Chronic inflammation is a common feature of type 2 diabetes. In these patients, abdominal fat around the waist causes inflammation, leading to the development of insulin resistance. It is believed that a type of immune cell macrophage is involved in this process. The researchers decided that the lipids in camel milk could regulate the inflammation of macrophages, which is triggered by glycated proteins, by affecting the proteins that trigger the inflammatory response.

Due to its ability to reduce the intensity of inflammation, camel milk can be considered a superfood, argue the authors of the article.