Peas and camel milk gazpacho

Peas and camel milk gazpacho

Peas and camel milk gazpacho


Peas and camel milk gazpacho


Pea and camel milk gazpacho

  • 1 saucepan
  • 1 Colander
  • 1 round ass
  • 1 Whisk
  • 1 Blender
  • 400 g. Fresh peas
  • 20 g. Camel milk powder
  • 1 L Liquid soy milk
  • 1 Piece Bouquet garni (1 sprig of thyme, 1 sprig of rosemary, 1 bay leaf, parsley stems, 10 cm of leek white and 1 stalk of celery held with roasting twine)
  • 15 Pieces Ice Cubes
  • 5 Sprigs Fresh mint
  • 3 Pinches Salt and freshly ground pepper
  1. Shell the peas

  2. Put 1L of water in the saucepan, add the bouquet garni and the shelled peas

  3. Cook for 25 to 30 minutes

  4. Put water in the bowl and add the ice cubes

  5. When the peas are cooked, drain in the colander and put them in the bowl with the water and ice cubes, leave for 3 minutes

  6. Drain the peas and put them in the blender (reserve a few for dressing)

  7. Wash the mint and put it in the blender, reserve a few pretty leaves for the decoration of the dressing

  8. Put the powdered camel milk in a bowl and gradually add the soy milk while whisking (reserve a little powder for the dressing)

  9. Put in the blender, add salt and freshly ground pepper then activate the blender to maximum until you see a homogeneous mixture

  10. Arrange in deep plates and add a few peas, fresh mint and camel milk powder to each plate.





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Camel milk therapy

Camel milk therapy

Camel milk therapy

What is camel milk and camel milk therapy?

Camel milk is the milk produced by camels. It is available frozen, in liquid form or as a powdered milk powder. You can buy it raw or pasteurized.

Camel milk therapy for autism involves adding camel milk to the diet of an autistic person.

Who is camel milk therapy for?

Proponents of camel milk therapy say it is suitable for children with autism and adults of all ages.

Supporters also say that people with other health conditions can use camel milk as therapy. This can include people with diabetes, cancer, skin diseases, or autoimmune diseases.

What is camel milk therapy for?

Proponents of using camel milk as therapy for autism claim that camel milk improves a wide range of characteristics of autism. This includes behavior, communication, speech, movement and the ability to make eye contact.

They also say that camel milk helps with stomach and digestive issues in some children and adults with autism.

Where does camel milk therapy come from?

For centuries, camel milk has been used in Africa, Asia and the Middle East as a medicine. It is believed that camel milk can treat a wide range of conditions, including diarrhea, diabetes, cancers, skin diseases, ulcers, and autoimmune diseases.

Since the early 2000s, camel milk has become increasingly popular as a therapy for autism.

What is the idea behind camel milk therapy for children with autism?

Proponents of camel milk therapy believe that many features of autism are caused by high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

ROS are highly reactive molecules that are found naturally in the cells of our body. Research has shown that high levels of ROS can lead to many diseases, including cancer and autoimmune diseases. Antioxidants help lower ROS levels.

Camel milk contains a lot of antioxidants.

Proponents of camel milk as a therapy for autism claim that the antioxidants in camel milk can reduce ROS levels in children with autism. They say this in turn reduces the hallmarks of children’s autism.

Although scientific research supports the relationship between ROS and many diseases like cancer, there is no evidence that high levels of ROS cause autism. There is also no scientific evidence that consuming camel milk can reduce the features of autism .

What is camel milk therapy?

This therapy consists of drinking camel milk daily.

You can drink camel milk on its own or add it to other foods.

You may need to spend time making camel milk, especially if you are using dried powdered camel milk or adding camel milk to the food.

There are no standard guidelines or research studies on how much camel milk to drink, how often, or for how long.

Cost considerations

The cost of camel milk varies depending on the brand and shape of camel milk. For example, dried camel milk powder is generally more expensive than liquid camel milk.

Does camel milk therapy work?

There is no good quality evidence that camel milk helps people with autism .

In addition, it is not recommended to drink raw milk because raw milk can contain dangerous bacteria and other germs that cause food poisoning.

Who does camel milk therapy?

Camel milk is available at health food stores and some supermarkets. Although you can do this therapy yourself at home, it is always best to talk to your GP or pediatrician or a pediatrician. dietician before using this therapy.

Education, training, support and parental involvement

If your child drinks camel milk, you need to choose and buy milk.

If you are using dried powdered camel milk, you will also need to prepare it by adding water and stirring until dissolved. If you are using frozen camel milk, it should be thawed safely.


Kidney failure and camel milk

Kidney failure and camel milk

Can people with kidney failure drink camel milk?

What is kidney failure and how harmful is it?

Renal failure refers to a clinical syndrome of progressive chronic damage to the renal parenchyma caused by various reasons, which results in severe narrowing of the kidney and cannot maintain its basic functions. The course of the disease is long, usually from a few years to more than ten years, and chronic renal failure is the severe stage. Chronic kidney disease affects various systems and organs and can cause a variety of clinical diseases such as water, electrolytes, acid-base balance disorders, disorders of sugar, fat, protein and metabolism. amino acids and system dysfunctions. The clinical manifestations are complex, the treatment is very difficult, and the death rate is extremely high.

Modern medicine primarily uses drugs, dialysis, artificial kidney transplantation, diet, and other methods to treat and maintain chronic kidney disease. Compared with previous treatment methods, diet therapy has no side effects and has gradually become a hotspot for research at home and abroad.

Reasonable diet can not only ensure the daily nutritional requirements of patients, but also promote patient recovery, but the effect is very slow and requires long-term adherence.

The Inner Mongolia Camel Research Institute has collected and summarized the domestic and foreign literature deficiency: on the use of camel milk to treat kidney Wang Jing and others took camel milk to recover 73 nephropathy patients, and showed that camel milk can treat kidney disease patients to some extent therapeutic effect. Li Jianmei, Pan Lei et al. proved that camel milk can treat kidney failure in rats based on Wang Jing et al., used different fermented camel milk to treat kidney failure in rats, and found that camel milk and probiotics affect rats. kidneys. Treatment of insufficiency has a good synergistic effect; Pan Lei, Wang Jing, and others used adenine to replicate the model of chronic renal failure in rats, and used camel milk as a test substance for the intragastric procedure. After 28 days of animal testing, it was shown that camel milk can reduce the levels of Scr and BUN in rats, slow UP, regulate the content of Ca and P, increase the levels of SOD and TP, and works to protect kidney function and relieve chronic kidney disease. failure. This is closely related to the rich deep bacterial enzymes, lactoferrin, immunoglobulin, and various nutrients found in camel milk.

Therefore, long-term consumption of camel milk can prevent and prevent the risk of kidney disease, and camel milk is a very good green food for patients with kidney disease.


Which camel milk to choose to treat kidney failure?

According to the research ideas of Li Jianmei and Pan Lei, we can choose Wangyuan Whole Fermented Pure Camel Milk Powder as well as Wangyuan Adult Probiotics (for the consumption method, please add WeChat: 156 8106 2528). Be careful not to choose the probiotic formula camel milk powder, as the Inner Mongolia Camel Research Institute reminded consumers as early as last year: formula camel milk, modified camel milk, protein powder. camel milk, etc. are not pure camel milk, there are too many additives, after eating It will increase the load on the kidneys and affect the recovery of people with kidney failure. And pay attention to a small amount when you start drinking, start drinking from 5 grams.

Kidney failure, especially in patients with chronic kidney disease, has low protein metabolism, but protein is the basic material of human life. She can’t miss. It is consumed all days and should be supplemented every day, especially the 9 essential amino acids. In cases of kidney failure, especially in people with chronic kidney disease, it is best to choose high-quality protein foods that contain these 9 essential amino acids when choosing foods.